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Despite the popularisation of the term ‘sustainability’ in the early 1990s, it was not until the early 2000s that organisations began publishing concise frameworks on how to manage and report on sustainability within the company.

It took another ten years for specific guidelines and standards for event organisers to be developed. Thankfully, these frameworks were developed in harmony, to the benefit of the event organiser.

We have invested a significant amount of time in contributing to the improvement of these frameworks, playing an active role in their development, and training individuals and organisations on how to use them.

Our workshops show how the guidelines and the standards can be used in planning, managing and reporting on sustainability. Real case studies and practical solutions are used to provide insight on how to make an organisation or event more sustainable.

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The training was very useful, and had lots of practical examples. We very much appreciated the trainer’s excellent knowledge of the international standards… not to mention his sense of humour.

Participant from GRI G4 certified training course