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The knowledge platform for organizers and interested parties who are committed to making events more sustainable

Sustainability not only plays a role in personal lifestyle, be it in nutrition, transport behavior, or the use of resources, but also when it comes to partying and activities with others. Coming together and being together are part of the needs of people, for this reason, events can not take place, although it would be the best alternative from an environmental point of view.

However, events do not necessarily have to be environmentally harmful; they can be organized in such a way that the environmental footprint is as small as possible and the impact on society and the economy is, on the other hand, as positive as possible. It is important to balance this scale – and this is possible with careful planning and specialist knowledge.

“You can never know everything alone, but together you can!” True to this motto, the interactive information platform “Sustainable Events – Knowledge” provides information about the latest in sustainable event management with a team of experts from a wide variety of specialist areas. On the one hand, you will find articles (stories) on selected sustainability topics on the platform, and on the other hand, you can submit questions and problems that will be answered and solved by specialists. (available in German)

With this platform, we share knowledge and information and would like to encourage everyone who cares about the sustainability of events in a positive way. Because only knowledge that is relevant can also be used and implemented.

This platform is aimed at organizers of events, those responsible for sponsoring as well as authorities and interested parties.

Sustainable events KNOWLEDGE is implemented by SchweryCade and was created thanks to the support of the most important players in sustainability issues in Switzerland, Migros Genossenschafts-Bund, gazenergie and myclimate.






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