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A critical phase in all areas of work and life. Concise and targeted research is a valuable companion to any project in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

We are experienced in conducting research and are familiar with survey design and scientific research techniques. We also take pride in being among the first to use creative techniques, such as story telling, pictures, videos and games to make credible programme assessments.

The FEI commissioned Schwery Consulting with a study on environmental sustainability in sport. In all areas such as preparation, organisation, analysis and presentation, Schwery Consulting delivered an excellent job, which significantly helped us in continuing with our programme.


Dr. Harald Müller, Fédération d’Equestre Internationale (FEI), Director Education & Standards

Detailed services

  • Survey design
  • Empirical field research
  • Strategy reviews
  • Impact studies
  • Comparative studies

Case study

Discrimination in Sport. Comparative Study on Young People in Europe. 2013

Rolf Schwery, Haley McInnis, Daniel Cade

To what extent is discrimination an obstacle for youngsters who want to do sports? This is the central question in the research commissioned by Nike and the King Baudouin Foundation and conducted by Schwery Consulting. This research looked at discrimination on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality and gender. It examined the barriers preventing children and young adolescents (10-14 yrs) from participating in organized and non-organised sports in 11 European countries.

The study showed that, in general, Europe’s young people are not racist. However, the fight against racism remains an ongoing task. 16% of respondents feel discriminated against because of their skin colour or religion. One in ten has been victim of a racist incident. These figures double for young people from migrant background.