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Implementing sustainability within your organisation is a journey with no final destination. It is a continuous process of learning and improving. We can help you to manage the whole process from preparation to reporting.


Workshops and publications are key platforms through which we can share our experience and create the awareness that social responsibility and sustainability are not a luxury, but a question of good manners and professionalism.

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We have developed customised solutions for large corporates to monitor sustainability projects and benchmark against each other. Our Sustainable Event Management System (SEMS) was established for a major Swiss retailer to monitor the sustainability performance of the events it sponsors across the country. It is now available to be customised and used by third parties. We also have a tool «EVENT-toolkit», to support events in the process of implementing a sustainability strategy.

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We are experienced in conducting research and are familiar with survey design and quantitative research techniques. We are pioneers in using creative techniques such as story telling, pictures, videos and games for assessment.

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Doing good things and speaking about them. Organisations should be proud of their commitment to sustainability. Recent studies show that employees also pay it back with higher loyalty. We are experts in using the international sustainability reporting standards and can help you to produce recognised sustainability reports, which are creative and fun to read.

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