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AccountAbility is a leading global organisation providing innovative solutions to the most critical challenges in corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Since 1995, they have been helping corporations, non-profits and governments embed ethical, environmental, social, and governance accountability into their organisational DNA.

Acting responsibly AG is a licensed Assurance provider of sustainability reports according to the AccountAbility AA1000 Standard.


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Global Reporting Initiative

GRI is the most widely used framework for sustainability reporting and is used by almost all major companies. In 2012, GRI launched specific guidelines to help event organisers report on sustainability issues relating to their events.

We have been a GRI Certified Training Partner since 2012. We offer regular workshops and professional development seminars in various countries, and have so far certified over 250 participants.

We played an active role in the development of specific GRI guidelines for event organizers (GRI EOSD) and offer specific training on the international standards for Sustainable Event management.

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