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Launch of ISO 20121:2024 - sustainable event management

With thousands of events taking place each year in Switzerland and ever-growing demands on sustainability, event associations, organizers and suppliers are faced with the need for a comprehensive framework to improve and communicate their sustainability efforts.

This launch event of the newly revised ISO 20121 norm introduces you to an internationally recognized sustainable event management system – one that can be easily implemented by both small and large events and that can be adapted to the organization’s needs.

Experts from the sustainability consultancy firm acting responsibly will explain how the standard is structured and how it can be implemented. In addition, an overview of the flexibilities offered by the standard will be given, as there are various implementation options for newcomers to the field of sustainability as well as for organizations that are already well advanced on their sustainability journey.

Finally, the speakers will provide insights into last year’s revision process. They will explain what such a revision process looks like and what differences have been introduced in this fresher, more pertinent version of ISO 20121.

More details about the workshop are available here: https://academy.snv.ch/event/b32d82d6-4510-4aa5-9294-3ec495552d94/summary

  • Price: 50 CHF