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How can organisations report according to the SDGs?

Half day workshop


In 2015, the United Nations have agreed on a common agenda to end poverty, to fight inequality and injustice and to protect the planet. Since then, the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) became the point of reference …

Currently, 71% of business leaders plan or already do refer to the SDGs albeit in to varying extents. While some organisations have taken the SDGs as a strategic challenge to adapt their business model and verify their supply chain on their econeomic, social and environmental impacts, others have used the SDGs for communications only to align their activities with the international agenda on sustainability.

Currently there exist different approaches to align business models with the SDGs. Irrespective of the approach chosen, there are clear steps to be taken to incorporate the SDGs in the business model of an organisation.



24 January 2019


13h30 – 17h30 with an Apero


CHF 175.—  (50% for SEM-Series partners)


SchweryCade AG, Güterstrasse 13, 2502 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland


Daniel Cade – Experienced sustainability reporter, GRI certified, Manager of the UEFA Football and Social Responsibility Report.

Rostyslav Kurinko – Editor of the CSR Journal and Consultant to large energy and telecomonications companies for sustainabilty reporting.

Rolf Schwery, PhD – Experienced sustainability trainer, GRI certified trainer since 2011, having trained and certified more than 300 sustainability managers, currently working with companies in the event industry and energy sector.

Tbn – 2 companies sharing their experiences

Target group

CEOs and Senior Executives in Public Affairs, Public Relations, Communications; Sustainability Managers, Sustainability Reporters and Consultants: the group is limited to 16 people.


The workshop

  • provides step-by-step guidance on how to incorporate SDGs in the management and reporting process
  • showcases good examples in making use of the SDGs and the targets
  • shares experiences in incorporating SDGs in the business model



13h30   Welcome

13h45   Current trends in Sustainability Reporting

14h15   Step-by-step guidance on how to incorporate SDGs in the management and reporting process

15h00   Coffee-Break

15h30   Case Study 1 – from large Swiss Corporate

16h10   Case Study 2 – from large federation/organisaton

17h00  Discussion

17h30  Apéro


End of workshop

  • Price: 175 CHF