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We’re changing our name!

SchweryCade logoKentucky Fried Chicken to KFC, WWF to WWE, Marathon to Snickers, Fruitella to Starburst, Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web to Yahoo! (you knew that one, right?), and now us!

In a move that will surely not affect the biggest company name changes in history, Schwery Consulting will become SchweryCade, effective as of July 1.

The name change signifies the company’s transition from sole proprietorship to joint stock (denoted by ‘AG’ in Switzerland), reflecting the fact that it will now have its own legal personality.

Schwery Consulting was initially formed in early 2007 by Rolf Schwery. Rolf was joined by Daniel Cade later that year and, following a 10-year courtship, Daniel has finally given in to temptation, becoming a shareholder and lending his family name to this great union!

We ask for your patience while we go through the transition of re-branding and, more importantly, your support as we move into an exciting new era for the company.