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Volunteer for RESPONSIBALL

RESPONSIBALL is an online sustainability platform for football clubs. It’s motto is that ‘football clubs are more than just businesses; they are cultural institutions’, and it serves to act as a platform to encourage knowledge sharing and enhance progress of sustainability in football.

We have worked with volunteers for the five previous editions of the RESPONSIBALL Ranking – an annual sustainability ranking of top-level football leagues. They have helped us to collect data that we need to rank country leagues based on our own sustainability indicators.

We’re once again counting on volunteers to follow in their footsteps…

As a researcher, we would ask you to analyse the websites of every club in top-tier national leagues of your chosen country / countries. This involves checking to see whether our set of sustainability indicators are covered by information that is available on the clubs’ websites.

In the case of the English Premier League, for example, that would mean analysing 20 football club websites. We provide all researchers with a template spreadsheet and clear instructions.

RESPONSIBALL is an initiative led by volunteers. We do provide a nominal payment per league in acknowledgement of the time each researcher spends on this work, though we assume that the incentive comes more from being passionate about this area and interested in learning more about football and sustainability in their chosen country / countries.

If you’d like to be involved, please email us with the country / countries that you’d like to cover. We’ll allocate countries on a first come, first serve basis and if someone has offered to cover more than one, we’ll try and make sure additional countries are allocated to them only if no one else has offered.

This work will be due back by Sunday 26 June.

We look forward to hearing from you!