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Sport vs COVID-19 News Update_07.05.2020

Article by Daniel Cade, Director at SchweryCade. 

Changes in the world are currently happening at lightening pace during these unprecedented times. In an effort to keep those within the industry up to date on events and opinions, each week I’m sharing 10 articles that provide insight in relation to Sport’s actions in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To read previous issues of this news update (from mid-March to Mid-April), see my Linkedin posts.


Rick Parry
Image copyright: chroniclelive.co.uk

Another fascinating week of news as the discussion ripens over wage caps and other financial regulations in English football’s lower leagues; with more sport leagues setting restart dates, practical considerations reveal things might not be so straightforward; and the psychological effects of lockdown and prospect of restart can bear down heavily on players.


Calls for total reset of football finance with wage caps and parachute payment restructure



English Football League chairman Rick Parry has insisted that wage caps must be introduced below to ensure the sustainability of football clubs, while calling for a restructure of parachute payments.


Countries start lifting restrictions on exercise and sport under COVID-19 lockdowns: How do they compare?



A listing of the current status of physical activity and sport under Covid-19 lockdowns in 30 countries (and counting). Compiled from government sources, established news media, ISCA staff (from 15 countries) and its network of members and NowWeMOVE National Coordinators across the world.


Sport after COVID-19: Propelling change in the sporting industry



In an unprecedented worldwide time-out, the sports industry has come grinding to a halt and faces existential questions querying its nature, trajectory and purpose. This reset could afford an opportunity for the sporting world to emerge stronger, better, or perhaps even fundamentally different than it has ever manifested in history. This potential hangs heavily over those that have long attempted to draw attention to the problems within the sport ecosystem. Will we capitalise on it?


NASCAR Wields Responsibility As First Major U.S. Sport Set To Return



Suddenly, the greatest danger is “not the flaming, driver-strapped-into-a-170-mph-cement-mixer crash, but rather one spiky virus.”


Football’s return from enforced layoff means a whole new mind game



The psychological hurdle players have to clear to be ready after the Covid-19 lockdown may be as tricky as any other challenge.


New Zealand Football launches wide-ranging review in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic



New Zealand Football is set to conduct a “wide-ranging” review that could result in significant changes to how the game is run.


Opinion: Why the Premier League’s ‘Project Restart’ is flawed



There are ways you can make it work. That is the first thing to be said about Project Restart as the Premier League clubs dial in to debate the matter at today’s video conference. It is not impossible according to the scientists, who understand the coronavirus better than most. But none of the options are foolproof, they all carry risk and the further from risk they promise to be, the more impractical they are.


FIFA say no, UEFA says yes. Health debate focussed on whether safety can be guaranteed



When the medical experts of football’s two largest bodies disagree over the immediate future of the game because of Covid-19, you know there is no easy solution.


Unexpected timeout offers global sport chance to tackle its pollution problem



With no live sport to watch or play, exercise has never been more precious. Those minutes of freedom, an uncurling away from bad posture on the sofa, lifting the spirits and boosting the heart rate. But, as you slurp your morning lungfuls of air, have your noticed a change? Think the sky has looked a more perfect cornflower, noticed the stars shining a little brighter?


Pandemic Means IOC Must Review Budget and Priorities, Says Bach



Calling in an open letter for a ‘comprehensive debate’ to shape sport in a post-coronavirus world, Thomas Bach proposed a wide-ranging consultation on the future challenges and possibilities. Bach said the Olympic movement as a whole might “have to look more closely into the proliferation of sports events”.