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Sport vs COVID-19 News Round-Up_14.05.2020

Article by Daniel Cade, Director at SchweryCade. 

Changes in the world are currently happening at lightening pace during these unprecedented times. In an effort to keep those within the industry up to date on events and opinions, each week I’m sharing 10 articles that provide insight in relation to Sport’s actions in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To read previous issues of this news update (from mid-March to Mid-April), see my Linkedin posts.

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Two days before the re-start of the Bundesliga, the focus of attention shifts more heavily towards the practical aspects of sport being played behind closed doors; while international sport federations in Switzerland have been promised financial relief; and more offer their opinions on if and how sport may change in the future.


Players say they would rather stay home despite Premier League return-to-work protocols



No tackling, disinfected pitches, daily tests. The health protocol for English Premier League players preparing for a phased return to training has been revealed. But will it work and is it safe? Not everyone is happy – from players to the Mayor of London.


Swiss Federal Council and IOC to share cost of financial support programme for International Federations



Swiss-based International Federations (IFs) are to be offered repayable loans by the Swiss Federal Council and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to help mitigate the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The Swiss Federal Council announced the joint support programme with the IOC today.


Financial fragility exposed: There must be a better way



The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic threw into stark relief the fragility of multi-national sporting codes. They froze all activities, suspended on and off-field employees, cut payments dramatically and are scrambling to restart as soon as possible in a still contagious world, desperate to save some television revenue.


Dusseldorf ultras: Our season is over



Player and supporter safety has been top of the ultras’ priorities. As well as highlighting the risks posed to players in these circumstances, they have also discouraged fans from gathering in groups, not even to protest against the recent decisions they may disagree with.


Maidstone United co-owner Oliver Ash says 3G pitches could be a financial lifeline for EFL clubs struggling because of the coronavirus shutdown



Maidstone co-owner Oliver Ash believes the subject of 3G pitches in the Football League should be back at the top of the agenda during the current crisis. The lack of football has hit clubs hard throughout the country and Mr Ash feels now is the time to allow clubs in the EFL to use 3G pitches as a way of helping them to survive the crisis and thrive thereafter.


PSG’s record £198m splurge on Neymar will stand for years as symbol of crisis



Elite clubs will prey on desperate ones in the hunt for bargains as the game reels from its biggest financial hit since the 1930s.


New Grimsby Town stadium ‘should be in the heart of the community’



“I have argued for a long time a community stadium needs to be at the heart of the community, somewhere that is easily accessible and where people go to learn, play and work daily. Football is a small (but significant) part of its function. These other activities create the revenue streams.”


Do we really need a new economic model for pro cycling?



It seems that hardly a week goes by without someone – team owner, manager, rider, journalist or fan – stating confidently that the fragile economic model of professional cycling is broken and that there should be a radical new one. Even more so in the current crisis brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.


La Liga’s plan to restart football safely in Spain after coronavirus



La Liga started testing players for coronavirus this week as part of the protocols in place for training to resume and elite football in Spain to get going again behind closed doors in June. The protocols are part of a four-phase process progressing from preparation for training, individual training, group training and then collective training.


A first in Europe: Dutch football players agree to pay cuts of up to 20%



Dutch professional football clubs, coaches’ organisations and the players union VVCS have reached agreement on reducing their wages, which would cut the total salary bill by some €35m a year.