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How to make events more sustainable?

The Sustainable Event Monitoring Systems (SEMS) is an online tool to monitor and report on sustainability performance.







There are different reasons why you should monitor sustainability performance:

  • Manage social and environmental risks
  • Demonstrate impact – the value created by your event
  • Attract additional sponsors
  • Loyalty from staff and volunteers
  • Build the trust of the local community
  • Improve the image of the event

The SEMS offers organizations that manage multiple events to monitor sustainability performance and identify potential risks and gaps. It provides guidance to reporting on events and is a platform for mutual learning.

The tool is based on the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – the most popular framework for sustainability reporting worldwide – and the Event Organizers Specific Disclosures (EOSD) developed by an international expert group under the supervision of GRI. All major events such as the Olympic Summer and Winter Games, the FIFA World Cup the UEFA European Championships have incorporated this framework.

The responsive design of the SEMS gives you full flexibility on when to report and which media to use. All information is password protected and can be easily shared with multiple sponsors without entering the data again. Users can choose between German, French, and English.









For more information see our flyer and visit the platform:

Flyer Sustainable Event Monitoring Systems