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SchweryCade joins SD Europe for Erasmus+ fan engagement projects

SchweryCade joined SD Europe as an external monitoring and evaluation partner for the Erasmus+ fan engagement projects Kick-Off! (2021) and Fans Matter! (2020). The projects focus on capacity-building within national and local fan organisations in Europe.

Kick-Off!’s work particularly focuses on German, Dutch, Spanish, and Norwegian national fans organisations and their respective football associations; the project aims to offer ideas and facilitate opportunities for the fan organisations and football associations to gain greater common understanding and purpose together. Further, Kick-Off! will support the European organisations in developing relationships with football authorities in Africa.

Fans Matter! aims to improve the capacity and management of member-run football clubs and supporter organisations which are involved in the management of clubs, particularly those in the lower leagues and amateur levels. The project will include fan organisations, national football associations and member-run clubs from eight countries across three continents.

In the role of external service provider, SchweryCade will employ a mixture of qualitative and quantitative techniques to conduct needs analyses; in addition, we will provide data analysis and report on findings, which may be further used to develop content for workshops and in creating the foundation of a research framework that will be used to gather insightful data.

The projects, which will each last two years, are intended to have long-lasting impact for fan organisations throughout Europe. SchweryCade looks forward to being part of this process and increasing its own experience in and knowledge of fan relations.