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Non-financial reporting and sport

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This recent Sustainability.Sport article reports on a growing trend in sport: non-financial reporting. With sustainability weighing heavily on all industries, governments and organisations are beginning to demand greater accountability for environmental and social impact.

For example, “[c]ompanies in Spain with more than 250 employees must report on matters related to the environment, social and gender issues, and human rights, meaning that more than half of [La Liga’s clubs] fall into this category.” It’s a similar story in the UK, and a growing trend in many other countries and leagues, regardless of company or club size.

And yet, despite all of the positive impact and good efforts of many clubs, it still seems that the majority of work that could be classified in the sustainability area goes unreported.

At a time when fanssponsorsbroadcasters, and media are eager and clamouring for sport to commit to social responsibility, it is time to let them know that work is being done and that commitments are there.

We’ve worked with UEFA and other organisations to do just that.

As a licensed GRI Standards training partner, we have the qualifications and experience to assist in compiling, writing and editing sustainability reports according to internationally recognised standards.

We also offer complementary SDG services, a customisable sustainable event management tool, and climate action strategy development.

If you have any questions about our services or you’d like to talk about your organisational goals, we are available to discuss possible solutions and opportunities to work toward a more sustainable future together. We are passionate about accelerating social responsibility and promoting non-financial reporting, for the benefit of sport both now and in the days to come.