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How can you add credibility to your sustainability report and make it more attractive for partners, investors and other stakeholders?

Stakeholders expect to receive information that they can trust. The number of verified
sustainability reports has risen sharply in recent years, with academic researching providing evidence that proves that an external assurance can have a positive effect on the quality of a sustainability report.

An external assurance leads to increased recoginition and trust for a company, reduces risk, improves stakeholder communication, and overall increases firm value. Therefore, GRI recommends to contact an external assurance provider.

As an independent expert in sustainability reporting, SchweryCade has the necessary knowledge and expertise to assure your report. As a GRI data partner and a certified training partner which has conducted over 60 GRI trainings for almost 700 participants, we have firsthand experience working with key stakeholders, bringing a strong awareness of your needs and their interests into the reporting process. We are pleased to share our knowledge and experience with you.



Assurance Standard

The assurance will be provided in accordance with the AA1000 Assurance Standard (AA1000AS, 2008), which includes the 2018 Addendum (the revised version will be launched in 2020). This is the preferred option for organisations experienced in sustainability reporting.

Type 1: The assurance provides the nature and extent of the organisation’s adherence to all four AccountAbility principles.

Type 2: In addition to Type 1, the assurance provider also evaluates the reliability of specified sustainability performance data.

Moderate Assurance: Sufficient evidence have been obtained to support the statement with an emphasis on plausibility of the information.

High Assurance: Based on evidence from internal and external sources, the statement is strongly supported, with emphasis put on the reliability of the information.


The AA1000 Series of Standards are founded on 4 principles:



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